Message (15) – Me and the Holy Spirit (4)

“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” Ephesians 4:30

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.”
Ephesians 5:6

What did Paul have in mind when he mentions being deceived?
He is not only referring to people, but to ideas that can deceive us.
One of the things that we have to be careful with on the last days is not to be deceived by human ideas and people’s great deeds. Deceit can lead us into a style of life that grieves the Holy Spirit.
How do you want to be remembered after you die?
A minister of God said: I want to be remembered as a person who loved deeply the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and who has tried really hard to honor them.

About me, I want to be remembered as a doctor who honored God as a doctor, a citizen that honored God as a citizen, a father, husband, son who honored God as such. I want my children to remember me as a man who honored God.

Therefore, I have to realize that the Holy Spirit is greater than our sins or even our past sins. You past sins are covered by the blood of Jesus if you are in Christ. Do not let your past haunt you.

If I want to have a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit I have to remember that He is greater than me, than my weaknesses and he can make me strong.
I have to remember that the Holy Spirit forgives me and loves you and me so much, in such a great way, with an unconditional and unlimited love.
If I believe it, nothing can impede me from having the Holy Spirit.
Do not be afraid. The Holy Spirit is in us.
Do not be deceived. Give value and honor what comes form the Holy Spirit.

In the presence of God everything that comes from the past can be covered by God.
You and I are God’s heirs! You are God’s heir and nobody can take our heritage away from us!

So what do you and I have to do? Cultivate a relationship with him. If I do that, I can be sure that God will not condemn me.
Take your son, for example! Imagine if he makes a huge mistake! Will he stop being your child because of that? Of course not.
The same happens with God. He will always have open arms to you and me because God does not wish to condemn men.

Now, we have been speaking about what the Holy Spirit is or should be for us, but what do we mean to the Holy Spirit?
When I have a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit I know who I am and what I mean to God.

Imagine this situation: you invite me and my family to have lunch in your house. You have a little boy who demands your attention. He does not care if it is the pastor who is there. He wants his father’s attention without constraints or limitations.
Likewise, when the Holy Spirit is in us, He causes us to go to the Father’s arms in a limitless way.

When I pray I have to see it as a family scene. Our prayers cannot be aggressive or authoritative. We are talking to our Father.
Don’t we sometimes speak with God in an authoritative way? We demand He does what we want.
However, when we have a deep relationship with the Holy Spirt we know how to treat God as a Father. I will respect Him as my Father in heaven.
Religion has created a layout / a design for us to speak to God, or what a powerful prayer looks like, or the tone of voice we should use to pray.
However, one’s authority does not lie in the tone of voice they use, but in their character.
Break your paradigms.

“Your children shall prophesy!”, says the Word. It refers to us. We shall prophesy! Because faith is rooted in our hearts.
Let us get out of our protocols.
What do churches say about worship? Loud music, lots of musical instruments, shouts? Maybe, but what does God expect to hear from us? Many times it is not what we think or what pleases us. Remember God required Abraham to offer his child, something painful and tough!
So, what does The Lord expect from me? What kind of worship does He want me to offer Him?

As we relate to the Holy Spirit we are servants.

A Christian leader or pastor goes through different phases:
1. I need everybody. Pray for me.
What happens then? He gets strong and forgets about the people who prayed for him.
2. He prays and preaches. He is does well and boasts about it.
Bad thing.
3. Third phase is brokenness. He realizes he is nothing and asks the same people back there to pray for him again. Then he becomes a servant.

That is what we need to be – servants!
Remember Joel: the Spirit shall be poured out over the servants. Servants are not overestimated by people. Quite on the contrary, they are underestimated.
But Jesus Himself, the Son of God, became a servant and died for us.

God wants us to be servants.
Do not care about having a name! Do not worry about being accredited.
The servant is meek, but yet he or she has authority.
When a person knows how to serve, then he or she is ready to serve.

The world does not need people to be in charge. The world needs servants.
The greatest leaders on the face of the Earth served their people.
We remember David: “36 Now David, having done God’s work for his generation, went to sleep, and was put with his fathers, (…)” Acts 13:36. Serve your generation.

The same way the Holy Spirt will only be poured out over us when there is unity.
The church cannot be divided. We have to have only one heart.
The devil wants to break our unity so do not be an instrument in the devil’s hands. Get straightened.
Do not let gossip, strife and evil be among us.
We may have different points of view, but the unity of the Body of Christ has to be preserved. Only then will the Holy Spirit be poured out on us.

Do not resist to the Holy Spirit.
It is time to fix relationships.

Message preached in the Nova Vida Church
Sunday – June 15, 2014
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

May God bless you richly and abundantly,
Marcos Paiva, Pr. and Dr.



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