Marital Life – Romanticism Part 2

What does it mean to be romantic? What is romanticism?

The Portuguese dictionary tells us that a romantic person is someone who relates to their spouse and beloved one in a fanciful way, which allows for a history of daydreams, dreams and idealizations to be created.

We are not talking about the sexual and erotic fantasies that we see these days, much less about the ordinary way people live their sexual life.

The unromantic sex life becomes only animalistic, in which a man and a woman relate to each other without dreams or ideals, and why not say, even without creativity or intelligence without infringing the principles of God.

Our life here on earth is a story. We live festive, joyful days, but also the sad ones, in grief and loss. And when we gather them all we form a great story which we tell our children, grandchildren and which will be remembered in our generations.

Therefore, I cannot forget that my life is a story that is complete with my family and that should be cultivated with dreams and ideals, good habits and “crazy deeds” that are not that crazy. All these things become part of our lives and when our grandchildren hear it they will laugh and be proud of us.

And in this story we play different roles: the lover, boyfriend, father, mother and even children. Unfortunately, today’s generation does not care about the story that will leave, the one they will tell their children and grandchildren. Maybe the story they will tell is about how much they drank, how many times they got drunk, went out and had sex with several people and got pregnant, how they became ridiculous. I’m sure serious and sane people who desire to live a life with good stories will be living away from these things ;

I want to be remembered as someone who dated the mother of my children honorably, as a good father and a good husband. That is how all of us have to be remembered.

That is why we ought to write a good and romantic story, full of dreams, achievements, ideals, ‘crazy’ things that will make people laugh, but also stories that will encourage others to live a neat, honest, just and faithful life as it comes to the family.

To be continued,

All the best and may God bless you, your family, your dreams and ideals in a rich and abundant way.

Marcos Paiva, Pastor at the Nova Vida Church, Niteroi, gastroenterologist

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Marital Life – Romanticism Part 1


There is a little story:

Once a couple was sitting at a park when the girlfriend said to the boyfriend:
Sweetheart, look at the moon. It is hiding behind the clouds.

Then he said: Of course, my dear, the moon is embarrassed as it is shining its light on your beauty.That couple got married, had kids, grandkids, the years passed and one night, as they were sitting on the little square of his city facing the same circumstances:

The wife said to the husband: Honey, look at the moon. It is hiding behind the clouds.

He told her: That’s right honey. We ought to go home because it looks as if it is going to rain.

We can learn some important lessons from this little bedtime story about certain things that have been happening in the marriage relationships, especially nowadays as most commitments are relative, superficial and far short of being responsible and absolute.

For those of you who have not yet married or are already married you certainly need to take special care so that the relationship between the two of you do not fall into the trap of boredom, sameness and unimportant routine. One might think that only those who have already their silver, gold and diamond wedding anniversary would run the risk of living this situation, but on the contrary, superficiality and trivialization of relationships do not allow people to value what is important and essential in the life of the husband or wife.

Couples are getting used to a cold and indifferent relationship. We are living a time when the “sexual savagery” (and it is important to emphasize that a healthy sex life within the divine principles strengthen the marital relationship), the economical and social needs, various commitments and the cooling of love have made couples get confined to living a routine instead of enjoying the best that God has for their lives.

Another interesting fact is that for many people the start of the marital relationship was filled with flowers, and everything was romantic, beautiful and important.  However, as time went by the flowers just wilted and they are not able to live a romantic relationship even if the  environment that they live in may lead to wonderful memories.
We learned that the romanticism of the beginning of a love relationship and marriage must never end. Years may pass but love should be expressed in a romantic way no matter how long they have been together.

May our marital and family relationships be seen as a garden. We should always be looking after it, removing the bushes and weeds, tending the soil and always planting new plants that will blossom and bear fruit.

To be continued,

All the best and may God bless you, your family, your dreams and ideals in a rich and abundant way.

Marcos Paiva, Pastor at the Nova Vida Church, Niteroi, M.D.

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